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A very much outlined and all around organized occasion is comparable to a decent stage creation. It’s about starting to think responsibly and performing the right show for the right…

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On August 5, 1931, the politburo of the Soviet Union decided to sell military aircrafts and dispatch pilots to Jin Shuren regime in Xinjiang. Then it further decided to provide…

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The establishment of the Yuan Dynasty put an end to the separatist local rule and incessant conflicts that plagued China since the end of the Tang Dynasty, thus initiating a…

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In 781 AD (the 2nd year of Jianzhong reign), the Tang government appointed Cao Lingzhong and Guo Xin, two staunch defenders of the Western Regions, Grand Protectors of Beiting and…

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After usurping the power, Wang Mang altered the Western Regions policies willfully, which led to local turmoil. King of Posterior Cheshi, Guju and king of Ruoqiang Quhulai, Tangdou changed heart…

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Ili, August 20”圆 On August 23, Ahmatjan, Ishakbeg, Abbasov and Delilhan, the four leaders of the three-region revolution and Luo Zhi, the person in charge of the Dihua committee of…

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